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at the same time


for the soul

or four the seoul depending on how you want to look at my fourth visit to gorgeous south korea

kr2the mere idea of going on my first solo overseas trip after two months of planning was enough to keep me jittery for a good twelve hours prior to arriving at the airport. later, i would come to realize that this impulsive decision would potentially the best thing to have ever happened to me. i know that does not sound much coming from someone you would think does nothing but laze around all day, but for someone who does nothing but laze around all day this was a huge step forward.kr7kr8kr10kr13duty calls! will update with more text later.kr16kr22sk26sk48sk53sk66sk76sk83sk86sk94sk99sk116sk121sk133sk136sk139sk150sk153sk162sk165sk167sk174sk176sk182sk184sk185