rant & roll


not particularly a pizza person but hooray for soggy birthday pizza !
studying out with marielle
aka endless chatter @ tnt instead of studying
for portfolio purposes hah


week two in photos.

wish i had the luxury to share cool stuff with you guys (like idk… hiking stories?!) but alas my uninspired self has done nothing to remedy this dull situation. other than complaining about not having anything worthwhile to do, i have nothing more to talk about. my birthday? i have witnessed a lot of my friends scream and cry over turning a twenty-three but the woes of turning a year older has not hit me yet, although i am pretty sure the harsh reality of this ridiculous number will come soon enough. work? unless one of the three emails i sent out is replied to, my heart will continue to bask in the freedom i only partially deserve.

maybe next week. bye.

ig / twt


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