first we feel then we fall


two things for 2018, both related to an association of ideas and reality.

the first has to do with taking my camera with me everywhere i go — downstairs to play with max, dinner with my very persistent friend chiara, or to the workplace which i ought to have by the end of the month (please! my lazy adult ass needs to get moving).

i figured if i could actually see my progress by documenting my every single move then i would slowly be able translate the gibberish in my head into actual concrete steps to restore the disaster that was the last seventeen months of my life, being the mess that i am unfortunately known for.

in turn, i vow to update this space as often as possible for as long as a functioning laptop is within reach. no more excuses.

to start, here is my entire first week of the year in photos:


i guess this is… okay? for someone who barely stepped out of the house? (nts: go out more) Anyway.

the second thing is to let go. of my hesitation. of my reluctance. of my fears. and just DO. this is infinitely more difficult than having to lug a heavy camera around my neck all day long but it can be done.

it is so easy to take the path of life based on what people expect of me, but i have gone far too long suppressing myself from what i want and where i truly want to go. this year will be about finding little victories in the mundane and placing my heart at the edge of my soul to move forward.


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