sept19Photo taken at Urban Superior

I am totally against individually chatting with all of my online friends for likes (although I did do this one time for the DD thing but I was trying to prove a point ok) so I’m just going to go ahead and promote here. But if I were to actually do the shameless act of selling my soul for a few hundred clicks, my ridiculously exaggerated (and not to mention, embarrassing) message would probably go like this:

Hey, [insert your name here]! Would you like to help my friends, Pocholo, Charity, Jenqin and Shannen, win a MOTORCYCLE? Yes? That’s great!!! So all you need to do is (1) like Skygo International’s official facebook fanpage, (2) followed by liking (and or sharing) their entry for the Name Game challenge. Thank you so much! :)

Hahahahahahaha o k I hate u guys
What is bad marketing

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